Another Addition to Millions

Here is another blogging website starting with the idea to create useful content for billions of web users. Yes, we know there are already millions of websites out there doing exactly the same thing. Do we really need another one? Is there a space for another such website? In our view simple and easy answer is yes we do need this website for the following reasons.

Another Addition to Millions Celebrate

Reason # 1

Lately, I have been into ecommerce, affiliate marketing, SEO and drop shipping. It was a new field for me so I have to do lot of research. I found out difficult way that there are lot of hawks in these fields trying to rip off new comers. Yes, there are many good people and resources available as well. In fact there are lot of amazing resources available around us but finding them is really a very difficult task. Lot of people have suffered financially because of spammers and cheaters. My plan is to create some material which I think if I had earlier I would have done better in less time with a way less effort.

Reason # 2

Being a technology geek I study lot of technical stuff but I am bad on documenting it. Indirectly through this blog, I am trying to motivate myself into creating those useful documents which I can refer later on when I need them. Surely, others can refer them too. My plan is to create some useful technical documents for people newer to technologies which I am already familiar with. There is humongous amount of material out there but you will agree that sometimes we still struggle finding answers. There are new things coming up every day giving rise to new unanswered questions. I like learning new technologies so during learning them I also want to create easier guides or documents which others can refer or use.

Reason # 3

I need an area to rant or to say what I have been saying a lot to my friends or sometimes only to myself. I have seen lot of sprigs and falls also have gone through lots of ups and downs. It means there should be lot of experience which needs to be shared with new blood. Humans are evolving specie like many other species on the surface of earth. Species with better memories are evolving faster. We have gone one step ahead by finding better and better ways to store our memories earlier in books and now on electronics media. It has resulted in speeding up our mental evolution. If we look at the progress of just last 200 years or may be just last 50 years or just what has happened in few years of 21st century. It is mind boggling is not it? Do you remember that the smart phone was introduced just few years ago in 2007?

We are improving at a very high speed and all this is happening because we are able to use knowledge created by previous generations and/or being created continuously by our current generation. Documented knowledge is a pot of gold which can be used by curious minds to upgrade their understanding and then to create even more knowledge.

Addition to the knowledge by one generation helps next generation from re-inventing the wheel. Imagine if recipe to create wheel was not shared down the line then we would still be stuck at the stage of reinvention of wheel doing it again and again. It is our responsibility to preserve our experiences to the World body of knowledge for the benefit of our next generations even if it is very small. Convincing, is not it?

Reason # 4

I want to document my life story as well. Life of every person is interesting though some are more interesting than the other. I feel that my life story is interesting too. I always wanted to know life story of my parents, grandparents and great grandparents. How their life was and how they used to think about life at different stages of their life? I feel that I only know a little bit about them which is not enough. Once I write stuff here, I hope that it will be preserved for a long time. If there is any curious mind below my lineage he/she can benefit from it.

Reason # 5

I always wanted to do blogging so I am doing it. Besides you do not really need a reason to do blogging anyway. Do you agree?

Steven King

Steven King

Technology is my passion and blogging is my time pass. I am a technologist, software engineer, scientist, e-commerce enthusiast, husband and a very proud dad. I always wanted to write about things which either bother me or I feel passionate about.

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