SparkleStore Lite

SparkleStore Lite is a child theme of SparkleStore theme and both have very similar functionality. It is built with the purpose to make changes to SparkleStore Lite without worrying for updates to its parent theme. It is recommended if you are planning to make lot of customizations later on, otherwise we recommend going with SparkleStore.

As usual we have brought comments from developers of this theme directly from the WordPress website. We encourage you to visit their page to get further insight.

Sparkle store Lite is a clean user-friendly and feature-rich best free eCommerce Sparkle store child WordPress themes. The themes designed and developed especially for online shopping, eCommerce store websites. 

Sparklestore Lite Store

SparkleStore Lite is a very reliable theme and works seamlessly with the WooCommerce and WordPress. You can call it a little customized version of SparkleStore. Try it and if you like it we will provide you a free store fully built with SparkleStore Lite ready to go in no time.

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