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We announce the release of product review platform. It can be used to create, source and manage product reviews for online store. Initially we will support out of the box integration with WooCommerce through plugin. Later on support for other ecommerce solutions will be added. You can check our solution in action at a webstore Alterity Shop.

Taknalogy Reviews
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Product reviews platform is an online review/feedback solution which will help shop owners to manage product reviews separately and conveniently from one place. Product reviews are very critical component of ecommerce. It is estimated that more than 80% of online purchase decisions are made because of product reviews.

Product review platform supports photo reviews which will boost customer confidence into product reviews. Users can submit their pictures while submitting reviews for their purchases.

Taknalogy platform targets to integrate product reviews from different sources which includes popular ecommerce platforms i.e. aliexpress etc. as well as direct user responses. Currently, it only supports aliexpress and direct user reviews but its capabilities will be extended to include all major ecommerce platforms for review sourcing.

Shop owners can integrate these reviews into their online shops. It will help new shop owners to quickly setup product reviews for their products. Product review platform will provide easier integration options for popular online ecommerce solutions. It supports WooCommerce integration for the time being but this capability will be extended to other platforms.

Dropshipping is a very important ecommerce concept which is helping producers, suppliers and retailers to reach global customers. Product review platform will help new drop shippers to quickly setup reviews for their shops.

Live Review Page Alterity Shop
Taknalogy Reviws Integration Page

You can peek over a product reviews page by visiting our sample review page. The reviews are presented in a modern user interface which is fully responsive and ready for integration with any platforms. Layout supports every screen size and shape.

We are planning to support different integration options but the easiest option is to provide a wrapper plugins for target platforms. We are in the process of developing these plugins and will update you once they become available.

There are further sample pages given below with our free store offeres. These are named by themes they are usisng. Integration is done by using our wrapper plugin which we are going to release out soon to the WordPress community. As you can see it provides a seamless integration with different themes.

We are always looking for user feedback and will appreciate if you please leave your comments for us. We will also welcome any feature request or additional support request for your online stores.

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Rab Nawaz

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