Taknalogy Reviews Plugin is accepted by WordPress

We are glad to announce acceptance of our WordPress plugin by WordPress Plugin Directory named as Taknalogy Reviews. We promised to create this in our previous post about Tachnalogy Reviews Platform. It is a great success for our team of contributors. We started working on this a while ago after facing huge difficulty maintaining reviews for dropshipping stores we built. It presents a cheapest and very reliable reviews solution. While we started building this plugin we had following points in our mind.

  1. It should be least intrusive to the website.
  2. Integration should be seamless.
  3. It should be optimized for all device types.
  4. User interface should be responsive.
  5. Management of reviews should be at a product level and easier to switch on and off.
  6. Uninstall should not leave any trace behind to keep database clean and tidy

We are happy to say that we are able to achieve all of this with our product. We invite everybody to try this free piece of software. We are planning to keep it free for as long as we can.

Enjoying using it and please let us know about your experience. We will love your feedback.

Rab Nawaz

Rab Nawaz

I am jack of all trades software developer and founder of Taknalogy. I enjoy solving software problems as well as cold winter nights of Canada. I am very passionate about my profession and love exploring new stuff every day.


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