Taxnalogy Aliexpress Product Importer is accepted by WordPress

We started with a mission to help new drop shippers start their business at a lowest cost using free and easily available applications. We thought WooCommerce is the best and the cheapest platform. Creating store using WooCommerce is very easy. It is widely used and is very reliable and stable. Still it is not as widely used as Shopify which is very expensive for low budget new drop shippers. Because of its wider audience Shopify is getting lot of developer’s attention who are creating lot of support applications. WooCommerce on the other hand is little behind on this front. To address this issue we decided to develop critical plugin to fill this gap. We also decided to make these plugins free so that new drop shippers can use them easily to jump start their business.

We are very happy to announce today that our second plugin Taknalogy Aliexpress Product Importer has been accepted by WordPress which can be downloaded from the link here. This plugin makes product import from aliexpress a piece of cake. Plugin page goes into details of its functionality for our reference. There are other plugins available to do the same job but almost all of them lake critical functionality. They only create simple products and do not create proper taxonomy for imported products. They also do not create variations. This plugin does it all.

Our previous taknalogy review plugin solves product review issue for new drop shippers. Both of these plugins integrate well and can be used together.

Please give it a try and leave a good review if you like it.

Rab Nawaz

Rab Nawaz

I am jack of all trades software developer and founder of Taknalogy. I enjoy solving software problems as well as cold winter nights of Canada. I am very passionate about my profession and love exploring new stuff every day.

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