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Product reviews are very important for any online business. Customer are more likely to buy if they see positive reviews for a product from previous shoppers. Picture reviews will help even more as they prove to potential customers’ authenticity of reviews.

For new dropships or online retailors it is difficult to get reviews in the beginning. They sell or resell products from other established retailors for example aliexpress. These products already have reviews. Our solution helps new shop owners to use those real reviews for their shops.

Our solution consists of following three components

  1. Taknalogy Reviews Plugin for WordPress. Click here for documentation.
  2. Taknalogy Reviews Management Dashboard. Click here for documentation.
  3. Taknalogy Aliexpress Reviews Importer is a Google Chrome extension. Click here for documentation.

Detailed documentation about these components can be found on their respective pages.

Let us run through an example to explain how this solution works. Let’s assume that we have a customer who want to use our solution on his website https://alterityshop.com.

Install Taknalogy Reviews Plugin

This plugin can be installed directly from WordPress website or from WordPress plugin dashboard. After it is installed and activated it will add a menu item to woocommerce product data tab as shown in the image below.

Shopkey and shopurl are also shown for this installation. You will need both of them to connect your shop to the Taknalogy Review Management Dashboard in the following steps.

Create Account

Next you need to create a free account on Taknalogy Reviews Management Dashboard by visiting this link” https://taknalogy.com/taknalogy-reviews-manager/

Next you can login to the dashboard using credentials created above. Once logged in you will see following page.

On this page you need to enter shopurl and shopkey from Taknalogy WordPress Plugin. Once you enter shopurl and shopkey and hit save, following screen will appear.

It means your shop and the dashboard are connected. You can click on top buttons to browse products and reviews for your shop/store. Mainly you will be using products page and reviews page. Product page will show all products from your shop and reviews page will show all reviews. You can search, filter and sort through products and reviews. Products page will look like as below.

Now lets import reviews for “Portable Juice Blender

Install Chrome Extension

Google chrome extension is required to import reviews from aliexpress for your shop. You can add this directly to your browser. Once installed you need to login to it using same credentials you were using to access Taknalogy Reviews Management Dashboard as shown below.

At this step you are ready to import reviews from aliexpress. Open product page on aliexpress and then click on reviews. Scroll down to the reviews and make sure that reviews are visible in the rowser. You can also make adjustments on the aliexpress review page like select translation or filter reviews by stars etc as shown below.

Once ready you can open chrome extension. On the search box of extension start typing title of the product you want to import reviews for. Target product will show up in the dropdown. Select the target product from the dropdown. After this you can run review scrapper by clicking next or previous. Click once you have got enough reviews. Click Save all or Save to save reviews.

I am trying to select portable blender so I started typing portable. As you can see Portable juice blender has appeared in the list. I selected it and the result is shown below. Scrapped products are also shown. You can reject/save one review at a time or you can press save all.

After you click save all, reviews will be saved which you can check on products page as shown below. By clicking you can go through all reviews for this product.

On reviews dashboard page you can go through imported reviews as shown in the figure below.

Check Reviews

At this point reviews are already showing for your selected product. You can check it yourself by visiting review tab of the product you have imported your reviews for. For Portable juice blender reviews are shown below. Reviews count will also be adjusted accordingly.

Your customers can also leave reviews which will also appear on the dashboard from where you can manage them along with reviews from aliexpress.

We are always looking forward for your feedback. Please leave comment below or contact us if you need help or have any good advice or feature request. We will be very happy to help.

Enjoy selling! from Taknalogy Team.

Rab Nawaz

Rab Nawaz

I am jack of all trades software developer and founder of Taknalogy. I enjoy solving software problems as well as cold winter nights of Canada. I am very passionate about my profession and love exploring new stuff every day.


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