Taknalogy Aliexpress Reviews Importer Chrome Extension


This a google chrome extension created to work with Taknalogy Reviews Platform to import product reviews from different sources. It only supports aliexpress at the moment but support will be extended to include other reviews sources. It is available from Google Chrome Web Store.

Installation and Account:

Installation is very straight forward where you visit extension page using chrome browser by visiting google web store and add it to the browser by clicking add button. Once added it will appear in chrome extensions bar. You can open it by clicking its icon.

To import reviews you need to login to the extension from settings page. User id and password is available on the home page of shopify Taknalogy Reviews application. For Woo Commerce based web shop you need to register at taknalogy.com.

Extension will store your credentials for the ease of use. You have to click on logout from settings page if you want to remove stored credentials from extension.

Import Reviews:

To import reviews you need to visit aliexpress product page and then click on reviews link so that reviews tab is open showing some reviews. Next you open chrome extension and start typing title of the product in the search box of extension. We are assuming that you are already logged in. Login step basically connect chrome extension with your shop. It needs to connect to your shop so that it can get your product information and link reviews and products. In simple words it needs to know about the product you are trying to import your reviews for. On the second import for the same product this step will be completed automatically.
Next you can click on different self explanatory buttons to scrap reviews. Once you had scrapped enough reviews you can click Save All. To Save reviews individually you can click Save button under reviews. Extension will import your reviews and message will appear after successful import of reviews.
You can then login to your application or dashboard to further manage your reviews.


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