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Reviews are very critical for any online business. Customers are more likely to buy if they see a positive review from real customers who have already purchased the same item. Taknalogy Reviews Platform was started to manage customer reviews as discussed in our previous post Taknalogy Reviews platform. Initially this solution was created for WordPress/WooCommerce based online stores. After getting very good response we are extending this platform to Shopify. It consists of following two applications which work in unison.

  1. Taknalogy Aliexpress Reviews Importer is a Google Chrome extension used to import reviews. Click here for documentation.
  2. Taknalogy Reviews is a shopify application to manage reviews.

Detailed documentation about these components can be found on their respective pages.


Install Taknalogy Reviews from shopify app store.

  • During installation process Taknalogy Reviews will create a code snippet named taknalogy-reviews.liquid inside snippets folder of shop themes.
  • This snippet can be used anywhere on the product page by including following code. 
    {% include ‘taknalogy-reviews’ %}
    • Installation script will also include above code at the end of section named product-template.liquid. If needed you can move this code anywhere on the page for better assimilation with your theme.
    • Installation process will also create user id and password which can be used to access google chrome extension. On the homepage of the application there is a button to views these credentials as shown in the image below.

Add Taknalogy Aliexpress Reviews Importer google chrome extension to your chrome browser from chrome app store.

    • Once installed you will need user id and password shown above to login to the chrome extension. From chrome extension page click on settings and use user id and password to login. Extension will store user id and password so you do not have to enter it again.

Now you are all set to import reviews from aliexpress. No other accounts are required.

Importing Reviews:

  • Using google chrome browser, browse to the aliexpress product page from where you want to import reviews.
  • Click on reviews link as show below so that reviews are visible in the browser.

  • Click on chrome extension to open it. If you have not logged in already to chrome extension you have to do that before moving on to the next step..
  • Start typing product title in the chrome extension search page. It will show list of products from tour store. Please select the product for which you want to import reviews. 
  • If you have already imported reviews for this product in the past then the product will be selected automatically.

  • Chrome extension has self explanatory buttons to scrap reviews i.e. next, previous, stop and save all etc. Please use these buttons to scrap as many reviews as you want.
  • You can also use review filters from product reviews pages as show in the figure. For example if you only want to import reviews with images, you can make this selection from aliexpress product page.
  • After you have scrapped enough reviews, you can save them.
  • You can repeat these steps for all your products.

Managing Reviews:

You can open Taknalogy Reviews application from your store admin page to manage imported reviews. Reviews tab of the application will show all reviews for your store. Similarly product tab will show all products along with the summary of reviews. You can edit, delete reviews from these pages.


Display Reviews:

Imported reviews will show up on your shop. You can view them by browsing to your product page. You can customize reviews templates by providing inline style in the taknalogy-reviews.liquid. Further customization of reviews can be done by providing css overrides from the settings tab of the app page.



Direct Customer Reviews.

Your customers can also leave reviews directly on your shop. You can also manage these reviews alongside reviews imported from aliexpress. These reviews will also show up along with
imported reviews.


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