Manual Steps to Completely Remove Taknalogy Reviews after Uninstall

Taknalogy Reviews installer creates a code snippet inside Snippets directory named as (taknalogy-reviews.liquid) and also makes a small edit to the (product-template.liquid) which is found inside Sections folder of your theme as shown in the figure below.

After installation you might make further changes to your theme, affecting auto generated code. Example of these changes are to move generated code at a different location inside the theme or add it to another file or files of your theme.

When you uninstall Taknalogy Reviews from your store these changes to your theme are not removed automatically. It means taknalogy reviews widget will still be present in your shop even after you have uninstalled the app.

You need to complete following steps to completely remove Taknalogy Reviews from your store.

Browse to the Themes section of your Shopify dashboard. Click on the Actions button next to your active theme and then click on Edit Code.

Next expand Sections folder and open product-template.liquid. In this file find and remove following line of code

{% include ‘taknalogy-reviews’ %}

Next please expand Snippets folder and look for taknalogy-reviews.liquid. Open it by clicking on it and then click delete as shown below.

Also Please remove any other change you have made for taknalogy reviews to completely clean up your shop.

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