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Release 2.0.0 adds google chrome extension support to taknalogy aliexpress product importer. Motivation came from an issue which many users of this plugin have reported where plugin was simply not able to import products. During root cause analysis it was found that sometimes aliexpress.com requires users to login even for simple product browsing. With this extension you can login on aliexpress website easily if you have too.

Chrome extensions also adds settings option to customize import. It also supports bulk import from category and search pages. On the category page it also provides additional information to the user about delivery options and the store ratings. We recommend you to try it to and let us know if any further changes are needed.

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Taknalogy Aliexpress Product Importer

WordPress plugin functionality has two parts. Legacy part has not changed at all. If you prefer old functionality then you can continues using that.

Additional two tabs (chrome extension settings and keys) are only applicable if you want to use google chrome extension. Functionality of these two tabs is simple and self-explanatory. You can customize product import by selecting different options. Chrome extension will pick up new options for product imports.

Keys tab provides you url and authorization key which you will need to connect chrome extension to your shop. You can also modify them if you need to.

Chrome Extension (Taknalogy Aliexpress Dropshipping)

You can add chrome extension to your chrome browser from chrome web store by visiting this link.

Sometimes extension does not work if you are not logged into aliexpress.com. Please login to avoid issues.

Chrome extension is also very simple to use. It will become activated on product, category and search pages of aliexpress.

You can connect chrome extension to your shop by entering keys (shope URL and Access String) from keys tab of the settings page of taknalogy aliexpress product importer.

It provides different options to import products. You can import a single product from product page by clicking on a Import Product button on the bottom left of the page as show below.

You can also import single product by opening the extension while you are still on the single product page as shown below. Chrome extensions also provides few overrides to the settings as shown in the figure below.

Chrome extension adds additional information on the Search and/or Category pages of aliexpress.com as shown below. It shows if ePacket is available for an item. It also shown processing and delivery time estimates. You can also get quick information about store by clicking on the seller button. You can add product to the select list for later import. You can also import products by clicking on import button. Button label and color will provides you the feedback.

Category and/or Search page also provides a yellow button on the bottom left of the screen. You can click on it to see few bulk import options.

You can also bulk import by opening chrome extension by clicking on Import All Products as shown below.

Please let us know if you find any issue or you want any new feature. You can contact us by filling this form.


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