Taknalogy Aliexpress Product Importer Plugin for WordPress

This is our second plugin to help drop shippers with product import from aliexpress. Our previous plugin solved problem of product reviews for new drop shippers. Both of these plugins are totally free and we will try our best to keep them free for as long as we can.

Input attributes to the plugin are self-evident. You can set base price of imported product by multiplying its original price with a certain multiplier of your choice. You can also add delivery charge to the price. If you want to add sale price to the imported product you can do that too by selecting a checkbox and providing a sale multiplier.

This plugin is very easy to use and divides product import in three and five steps depending on if the product is simple or variable. These steps are given below.

Import Base Product

This steps will create base product with title, short description and long descriptions. Editing to these sections is suggested before publishing. Editing requirements are minimal as it already create a basic product structure from aliexpress.

Create Images

This step will import feature and gallery images from aliexpress and add them to already created base product in the previous step.

Create Attributes

This step will create all products attributes from aliexpress. This is the last step if the product is simple. Next two steps only apply to the variable products.

Create Variation data

This steps creates variation attributes and relevant variation data i.e. prices, images etc.

Save Variations

This step will create all variations using data created in the previous step. Once this step is complete your product us ready with all variations set up.

You can run this plugin to perform all above steps together or one step at a time. Product creation can take little time if product has lots of variations. Plugin is designed in a way so that it does not timeout.

It is also designed to not interfere with the normal functionality of WooCommerce or WordPress. It does not create unwanted data. It is very clean and light weight plugin and only does what it is designed to do.

We welcome any feature request from users of this plugin. Please feel free to contact us by leaving comments below. Also leave us a support request in the comments below and we will reply as early as possible.

This plugin is available for download from WordPress website below.