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We provide real product reviews by real customers with the pictures of their purchases.

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Detailed documentation about the plateform can be found here.


  • hi,

    I want to know how to remove ship from China information?


  • Dear Taknalogy team;

    I would like to show reviews outside the product page, so I was thinking of using the snippet you mentioned:
    {% include ‘taknalogy-reviews’ %}
    However, how can I pass the product ID, or something similar to show those reviews?
    At the moment, it is of course empty (the URL is not a product page, just my front page).


  • Thanks for your support to help the community. I have a challenge, i have setup everything, but when i try to click on “Save All” it’s doesn’t work, it can only reject but do not save. I will attach the screen shot

  • Ioannis mathioudakis

    (April 22, 2020 - 8:12 am)

    hello. i can import reviews but i can’t see them in my store.

  • Hi,
    I couldn’t manage import reviews to my woocommerce store yet.
    1- I Tried import reviews from the product page. I added products aliexpress page address to the related area but none of the reviews imported to my product page. Do I have to wait a little bit more?
    2- I tried to use chrome extension but couldn’t manage to log in.
    I tried my login name (Elnevsstore) and the password that I determined at the registration period but failed.
    I tried my shop key that I have found at my product page and my home page message (there was a message that you logged in as but I reached to the same result.
    Could you help me please, what is the mistake that I am doing continuously?

  • The plugin works well.
    But if I could give a recommendation of what is essential to have and is currently missing:
    1) possibility change the country icon: for example in bulk change all countries to the Netherlands
    2) possibility to auto-translate review with google translate for example.
    3) remove Ships From (or make it optional)
    p.s. I am a software developer and can help with the development if needed.

    • Thanks for your feedback.
      I will keep in mind item 1.
      Item 2: Translation happens at source. While importing reviews you can choose to either translate reviews or not on aliexpress page. Is not it enough?
      What do you mean by item 3?

  • Perfect. I ‘ve been bought three. Of trust 12 Dec 2019 13:47

  • Rose Mattos Soares

    (February 19, 2020 - 9:07 pm)

    Taknalogy Reviews Plugin, não está aparecendo, está instalado mais não aparece

    • Alterity Test Account

      (February 19, 2020 - 10:43 pm)

      Are you talking about this shop “”? It seems website is not complete. I tried to open product page but it didnot open. There might be issues with your setup which is hard to guess from here. Please let me know if you need further help. Check out reviews on this shop to see how it looks

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