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German Matonak
2 years ago
[Color: White Black ] [Shoe Size: 7 ]
Liana Coleson
2 years ago

For the moment the shoes hold well. They are put to the test every day with my 10-15 kilometers of walking. Looks like he mistakes the real ones. The real ones on the right.

[Color: Black White ] [Shoe Size: 95 ]
Lesa Mauter
2 years ago

They are super quality of 100 Nothing to Envy Al’s Big brands I recommend I took number 6 I am 7 les I recommend 6.5 left a little bit fair.

[Color: Purple ] [Shoe Size: 6 ]
Arline Sheikh
2 years ago

Very nice basketball

[Color: Black Blue ] [Shoe Size: 75 ]
Keshia Measeck
2 years ago


[Color: Purple ] [Shoe Size: 75 ]
Tyra Berndt
2 years ago

Size customized stamp!

[Color: Black Blue ] [Shoe Size: 6 ]
Jamila Balluch
2 years ago

Very good quality of product. Very soft and Comfortable .Righly Recommended

[Color: Purple ] [Shoe Size: 55 ]
Eun Sommerfeld
2 years ago

good quality for the price. Came very fast. My child is happy

[Color: Black White ] [Shoe Size: 55 ]
Tenesha Wittig
2 years ago
[Color: White ] [Shoe Size: 7 ]
Mafalda Primas
2 years ago

Am so satisfied very good quality it was so fast thanks seller

[Color: All Black ] [Shoe Size: 85 ]
Antonia Jonnson
2 years ago

Excellent product and very fast delivery the wrapper arrived well

[Color: Pink ] [Shoe Size: 6 ]
Latina Carper
2 years ago

The Wait was worth it, see absolutely awesome mega from and are convenient.

[Color: White Orange ] [Shoe Size: 75 ]
Carol Bergamo
2 years ago

the shoe is good. my size is 40, I took 41 and it fitted. I dint communicate with the seller ordered on 13/1/2020, got it on 10/2/2020. I recommend the seller

[Color: All Black ] [Shoe Size: 8 ]
Andy Bone
2 years ago

Sneakers fire, very comfortable, light, legs breathe do not sweat. They sat down like cast size accurate. Came almost a month, if not for New Year’s holidays, it would be faster. There is a small cask, the glue on the noses is visible, but if you do not look at it then it is not noticeable. Seller recommend 5 +++. Thank you, I’m delighted.

[Color: White Purple ] [Shoe Size: 75 ]
Jill Yaun
2 years ago

Nice shoes, just like the description. They’re comfortable. There’s some glue traces on the shoe. Everything else is fine.

[Color: Gray ] [Shoe Size: 8 ]
Mitzi Boitel
2 years ago

trop migon

[Color: Pink ] [Shoe Size: 75 ]